What the Critics are Saying ...

Critical Acclaim for WHAT IS IT?



Best narrative film.  Ann Arbor Film Festival 2005



Maverick Award The Method Fest Film Festival 2005



The Midnight Extreme Award Sitges Film Festival Spain 2006

“Crispin Hellion Glover, auteur, is a force to be reckoned with.”

--Laura Kern, The New York Times  

"Glover...puts impenetrably odd and tender poetry on the screen."

                                                                        --Bill Stamets, The Chicago Sun-Times

"Scenes with naked women in elephant masks, Shirley Temple, Glover being lowered deus-ex-machina style into a Maxfield Parrish scene...It's like Fellini on psychedelics -- wildly creative but completely twisted."

--Jane Ganahl, San Francisco Examiner

"It's unlike anything I've ever seen before...the unrestrained id of an artist at full frenzy, unafraid to mount onscreen what others would judiciously edit out. Glover's film is like that the fever dream of a crazy person.

--Dennis Dermody, Paper Magazine


“ABSOLUTELY the most uncompromising and original thing I've seen. People try to compare it to the likes of surrealist hero Luis Buñuel and trailblazer Werner Herzog, but I say Glover has transcended even them"


--Kelly O. The Seattle Stranger Weekly


"Possibly the most bizarre, uncompromising movie ever made by a major Hollywood name."

                                                                       -- Gilbert Garcia, Phoenix New Times


"Crispin Glover... America's Best Psychotic energy."

                                                                       -- Richard Lacayo, Time Magazine



"What Is It? is an outre, bewildering, unnerving, surreal, blackly comic film. It is brilliant in its sensitivity and humanity and infantile in its excess."

                                                                         -- Darius James, Spin


“Crispin Glover is weird and wonderful... Crazy in a Good Way."

                                                                       -- Joel Stein, Time Magazine