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Rat Catching, Oak Mot, and What it is, and how it is done.

All books are fine, signed, hard bound editions with over two hundred photographs and illustrations for your assistance and perusal.

Oak Mot

Wherein all action takes place on the Virgin American prairie around the year 1868, save for the end which takes place in the year 1926.
Oak Mot is a tale of epic proportions involving pride and prejudice.


  Rat Catching

Which is a study in the art of Rat Catching, plus something extra.













Collector Set of All Three Books

A signed, collection of all three books - Oak Mot, Rat Catching and Concrete Inspection.


Oak Mot, Rat Catching and Concrete Inspection are suitable for all occasions.

They are thirty dollars each plus three dollars shipping and handling in the USA,
and $7.50 for international orders.
If you should purchase all three books you may take fifteen dollars off the total price.

To order your copy by mail, send a check or money order
 to the below address payable to Volcanic Eruptions.

Please allow three to six weeks for delivery. A money order will expedite delivery.

If there is dissatisfaction with any product in any way
the customer may send it back for a full refund or exchange.
Any questions, about your order, please email

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