It Is Fine! EVERYTHING IS FINE goes into uncharted cinematic territory with screenwriter Steven C. Stewart starring in this semi-autobiographical, psycho-sexual, tale about a man with severe cerebral palsy and a fetish for girls with long hair. Part horror film, part exploitation picture and part documentary of a man who cannot express his sexuality in the way he desires, (due to his physical condition), this fantastical and often humorous tale is told completely from Stewart’s actual point of view – that of someone who has lived for years watching people do things he will never be able to do. Here, Stewart’s character is something of a lady killer, seducing a troubled, recently divorced mother (Margit Carstensen), her teenage daughter and any number of other ladies he encounters along the way.  According to Crispin Glover, Stewart "wanted to show that handicapped people are human, sexual and can be horrible. He also states that “It is Fine! EVERYTHING IS FINE. will probably be the best film he has anything to do with in his entire career. Crispin Glover and his co-director David Brothers wanted to bring Stewart’s story to the screen


 FORWARD to movie by Steven C. Stewart (With original spelling)

     This movie is not really about sex or even a cereal killer.  No.  This movie tends to look deep inside the heart and mind of a severally handicapped young man. (A handicap starts out from birth.  A disability happens later on in life). A very intelligent and ambitious 34-Year-old man who had to fight for everything all of his life. After finding the woman of his dreams, a woman he could really love, then to have that woman reject him was more than he could stand.  It was enough too drive him over the edge.   
     This movie is to show that these people can have feelings too.  Feelings of good and ill.  And when circumstances become more than they can take they too can go over the edge. 


AFTERWARD to movie by Steven C. Stewart (With original spelling)         

     Thank you for coming and watching this movie. By doing so you as my audience helped me accomplish what I have wanted to do, show that a person which a severe handicap and disabilities have feeling to and sometimes can go over the edge.

     In 1937 when I was born people like this were kept in a back room, or placed in an institution and forgotten. If this movie had been shown at that time it would be sacrilegious.  It was felt that these poor misfortunate people were sweet things without thoughts or feelings and could do no wrong. It wasn’t until twenty- five years ago that they started being accepted as human beings. 
     I have never killed anyone and never intend too. However, I have taken many intendances from my own life and built the story around them.
     Thank you for being a participant.


Steven C. Stewart


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